Badboulevard – Worst Case Scenario (ft. Mr Hustle)

In March 2020, the weekend before Lockdown officially started in the UK, we had Badboulevard here at Cafe Music Studios for a mixing / mastering session. We got to mix the vocals for 2 of his latest music videos “Worst Case Scenario (ft. Mr Hustle)” and “That’s How I Feel”.

In this post we wanted to talk a bit about our approach in the mixing process for the “Worst Case Scenario” vocal tracks. Since we didn’t record it here in the studio, in order to get that analog sound we wanted, we decided to reamp the vocals using the famous API 512c Mic Pre and the UBK Fatso Compressor. This gave us that warmth and color we were looking for, accompanied by UAD’s Manley Box Channel and A800 Studer Tape Recorder plugins.

But enough boring technical chat for now. If you like HipHop / Trap / RnB music, definitely check out the “Badboulevard – Worst Case Scenario (ft. Mr Hustle)” video. We are sure you’ll be hearing a lot from them in the future!

If you want to find out more about Badboulevard, go to Facebook or listen on Spotify

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