GUESS WHERE I AM (film score recording)

Around December of 2018 we had the pleasure to record here at Cafe Music Studios a quartet ensemble composed by violin, cello, bass clarinet and percussion for the short film “Guess Where I Am” written and directed by Andrew Spicer.

An unsettling, allegorical thriller, Guess Where I Am centres on William, a young Catholic man who, after months apart, is reaching the end of a long journey to see his new wife. At London’s King’s Cross Station, he boards an Underground train and falls asleep. When he awakes, he finds his reality is not quite as he left it. Trapped deep underground, with only a strangely inquisitive Tube driver for company, Guess Where I Am unravels William’s hazy recollections of a night flight, a book and a mysterious, seductive stranger.

It was a great experience to record the score for this short film. The music plays a big part on setting the tone on this production. We can appreciate from the trailer how the tension increases while the story reaches climax. We managed to get a great sound using our APIs, Neve and Focusrite preamps, combined with the Neumann u87, AKG C414 (Stereo pair), a few AKG Pencil Mics and the Neumann M149 for the room mic, as well as our Focusrite and Fatso compressors.

For more information about the film and crew check out https://www.fairholmefilms.com/guesswhereiam

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