Our Services

At Cafe Music Studios we count with a great team of experts in the areas of recording, editing, pitch correction (vocal tuning), music production, mixing and mastering. We also can provide session musicians and music arrangers (composers).

Full Band recording:

We have a spacious live room fully equipped with drums, guitars, basses, synths and percussions available for our artists to use. We count with 16 channels with Class A preamps and effects units.

We also have a upright piano located in a separate piano room.

Music Production:

As music producers our goal is to develop our artists ideas and make them into great pounding and unique musical tracks. We assist musicians through every phase in the creation of a song, including musical arrangement, music programming, sound design and assistance as session musicians.

Vocal Recording/Rappers:

Over the past 30 years we’ve recorded singers within different genres including rock, pop, metal, hiphop/RnB and classical music.

We also have worked with voiceover artists for films, video games and advertisements. We have some of the best microphones and preamps suitable for each job.


We offer mixing and mastering services for all genres for tracks either recorded in our recording studio or in a different location (another studio, live concert or home studio).

We have quality outboard effects units and numerous plugins (UAD, Eventide, Softube, Lexicon, Kush, Goodhertz, Soundtoys, Izotope, etc).

– Standard hourly rate = £30.00
– Minimum booking = 4 hours
– £240.00 for an 8 hour day session (£30/h)

£25/h for bookings over 100 hours per month (Bundle discount for album work)

Backline equipment available free of charge (Drums, Gtrs, Bass, Amps, Synths, percussions, mics)